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Boosted Safe

Boosted Safe

Boosted Safe

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...that's how often auto break-ins occur in the US. You can't always prevent a break-in, but you can stop the theft.


  • Clever Disguise

    The Boosted Safe has a trick up its sleeve. In seconds, it changes from a backseat safe to just a booster seat in your backseat.

  • Solid Steel Body

    Our patent pending design integrates Isofix technology with a solid steel body, all designed to withstand the G-forces experienced in a car crash.

  • 2-Pole, 3-Digit Lock

    Most auto break-ins occur in less than 10 seconds. The Boosted Safe locks to your car, protecting you against these fast smash and grabs. 


    Founded & designed by tech nerds on the go

    When Skyler Baird came up with the idea for the first Boosted Safe, he was toting thousands of dollars in camera equipment, hard drives, and his laptop from shoot to shoot. Sometimes leaving his expensive equipment unattended in his car was unavoidable.

    One day when installing his son's booster seat, it all *clicked*. Gear safe met booster seat, and the Boosted Back Seat Safe was born. Now Skyler doesn't sweat when he leaves his gear for a hike or a quick bite.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Shipped very fast. Great quality.

Josh Call
Awesome protection in a great package

Very happy with my boosted safe. It looks great and provides the piece of mind of knowing your valuables are safer when left in the car.

Ben Thomas
Love this thing!

I love that I can drive around and not worry if I need to leave my valuables behind in the safe!
It’s super easy to use and very well designed!

Gregg S'
Mostly great….

It would have been helpful to do a video on adjusting the Isofix from B to A. More concerning is the position of the combination lock (at least the numbers) - the one I received had the combination numbers on the front/side, making the reading of the small numbers from that angle very difficult to read. On the website it looks like the combination lock and opening knob have migrated to the top.

Ellen LeVita
So Far So Good

I was finally able to get my Boosted Safe package yesterday after being out of town for a extended period of time. The safe came in a well packaged box, but when I unpacked it and tried to open the safe, I discovered it had been tweeked in shipping and wouldn't open. I was able to insert a lever into the hole in the side of the safe where the extra cable inserts and was able to open it and it now opens and closes freely.

The combination lock was easy to access and change. My only complaint is by moving the lock to the front, it makes it harder to see the combination and open the safe when installed. But it's still doable. I probably would have preferred the combination to have remained on the top.

I like the cover quite a bit. It definitely looks like a booster seat on my car. It was hard to wrap around the safe, but I'm hoping that it stretches a bit in time to make it wrap easier.

My only other comment is regarding the side mounted loop cable. There is no mention of this in the instruction manual. It's easy to install, but I would like to see some ideas on how to lock things to it. The campaign doesn't mention it except as a picture. I believe I know how it should be used, but a sample illustration would be helpful.

So far, I'm very pleased with the safe. I will definitely feel better about leaving my Surface Pro in my car instead of having to carry it with me.