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Boosted Safe

Boosted Safe x2

Boosted Safe x2

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...that's how often auto break-ins occur in the US. You can't always prevent a break-in, but you can stop the theft.


  • Clever Disguise

    The Boosted Safe has a trick up its sleeve. In seconds, it changes from a backseat safe to just a booster seat in your backseat.

  • Solid Steel Body

    Our patent pending design integrates Isofix technology with a solid steel body, all designed to withstand the G-forces experienced in a car crash.

  • 2-Pole, 3-Digit Lock

    Most auto break-ins occur in less than 10 seconds. The Boosted Safe locks to your car, protecting you against these fast smash and grabs. 


    Founded & designed by tech nerds on the go

    When Skyler Baird came up with the idea for the first Boosted Safe, he was toting thousands of dollars in camera equipment, hard drives, and his laptop from shoot to shoot. Sometimes leaving his expensive equipment unattended in his car was unavoidable.

    One day when installing his son's booster seat, it all *clicked*. Gear safe met booster seat, and the Boosted Back Seat Safe was born. Now Skyler doesn't sweat when he leaves his gear for a hike or a quick bite.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Christina Stilwell

Wow what a amazing product.
My grandson loves seating on the boosted safe. He has no idea what's inside this safe either.
If he knew I don't think he would set on it. It would BLOW HIS SEAT OFF!
I really like the cover they designed for the safe. It goes well with the interior of my truck.
People who ride in the back seat of the truck talk about it & they are really surprised what it is. They look it over & over & are really impressed with the quality & functionality of the boosted seat. I don't know now many times I've showed it off. My husband's is the same way. He really enjoys his boosted safe to.
My husband & I would recommend it to everyone. You will not be disappointed if you buy one.
Husband & I are very satisfied with the boosted seats I've purchased.

Robert Jayme
Awesome gift for someone that has everything and to provide peace of mind

Great product and uniquely designed to use the existing vehicle LATCH system, great option to use for any kind of valuables if you're about in about or leaving your vehicle outside for an extended period, took advantage of buying 2 at one time so I could use one as a gift for my adult child--great construction and looks to be very secure! Thank you for coming up with a great product!


Picked up 2 of these on Kickstarter for my husband & I for are trucks.
We put our firearms in them when we can't take them into places that don't allow firearms.
It's a 2 in one unit that is well disgusted as a child booster seat. Our grandson loves setting on it, too.
You totally should be prepared. You can put your valuables in it & not worry about it. It has a combo lock on it, & you can save your on combination to it too. It has a nice fitted cover to put over it, so it looks just like a booster seat for a child.
Check them out.

Katelyn Doran

Boosted Safe x2

Jason Buss
Good Product

Arrived well packaged. Easy to set up and install, just took minutes. Won't be mistaken for a car seat by someone looking close, but for a quick glance (theft prevention), it's fairly convincing with the cover. Appears to be very secure and works well. I'm happy with it so far!